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Clackamas County Code Enforcement


The mission of Code Enforcement is to conserve resources, reduce environmental degradation and enforce codes and regulations effectively and fairly for all citizens of Clackamas County.  This office also strives to preserve the beauty and livability of our neighborhoods and encourage growth and prosperity.

The following are examples of potential code violations:


Occupied accessory building, RV, tent etc.


Illegal auto repair, wrecking or salvage.


Accumulation of household garbage.


Accumulation of large amounts of solid waste such as inoperable and/or non-currently licensed vehicles, appliances, furniture, tires etc.


Livestock in the urban area.


Overflowing dumpsters, single and multi-family.


Hazardous electrical wiring.


Sewage on the ground surface.


Dangerous buildings such as structures that are fire damaged, dilapidated or open and accessible to the general public and vagrants.


Tree cutting, grading and filling along river and stream banks.


Illegal dumping.


The Overland Park Coalition wants to help you with any Code Enforcement complaints you may have. The following is
some examples of violations that may be on your street. Reporting violations is easy and confidential. The Coalition is
here to assist with filing complaints and providing you the information and back up needed to initiate investigation by
Clackamas County Code Enforcement. You deserve a clean and safe neighborhood. Reporting a violation is the
responsibility of the community. These rules and regulations are for Everyone. Alerting the proper authority does not
make you a bad neighbor. It means you care about your communities environment, safety and livability.

Q: My neighbor doesn’t have garbage service and is storing all his debris in a trailer. Is this allowed?
A: The County does not require property owners to have garbage service; however, garbage must be removed from the property at least once every 7 days and must be kept in a rodent-proof container with a tight fitting lid while on site.

Q: There is trash all over a property in my neighborhood. What can be done about it?
A: An accumulation of household trash of any amount on property is a violation of the Clackamas County Solid Waste
and Waste Management Code


Q: There has been a car sitting in the street for days and it looks abandoned. Who can I call to have it removed?
A: Vehicles may not be left in the right-of way for more than 72 hours. Contact the Sheriff's Office.

Q: My neighbor has 10 cars on the property and hardly ever drives any of them. Is there a limit to how many vehicles can be on a property?
A: There is no regulation on how many vehicles a person can own as long as the vehicles are registered to the property, currently licensed and operational. The County considers them to be a violation of Section 10.03 of the Clackamas County Code.


Recreational Vehicles--Travel Trailers
Q: There is a neighbor down the street with someone staying in a recreational vehicle on their property. Is that allowed?
A: It is the County’s policy to allow people to use recreational vehicles as temporary living space for up to 30 days in a
calendar year. This use is intended primarily for guests. To legalize the use for a longer period of time there is a formal
application process. See Section 1204 of the Zoning and Development Ordinance or contact the Planning and Zoning
Division at 503-742-4500.

Q: I believe someone is living full time in a tent in my neighborhood. Are there any rules about this?
A: The use of a tent on residential property for additional living space is not allowed.


Q: A home is being occupied by a large number of homeless.
A: There is a growing problem with homeless occupying abandoned homes without the permission of the home owner.  In many instances, the property is in the process of foreclosure making it difficult to remove the squatters.  Report these properties to the Sheriff's Office.

Q: How may I file a complaint?
A: Go to the Clackamas County Code Enforcement web page www.clackamas.us/codeenforcement/ or contact Kim
Benthin at Clackamas County Code Enforcement 503-742-4457 or at kimben@co.clackamas.  An alleged violation will
only be investigated with a minimum of two distinctly separate confidential complaints; confidential complaints about
life, health and/or safety or environmental damage issues will be investigated with only one complaint.
If you need another party to file a complaint with you--- PLEASE contact the Overland Park Coalition at (503) 788-
7661 or  solution@overlandparkcoalition.org

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