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2018 Planned Events

The Coalition has many projects planned to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood.  Volunteers are always welcome.  We encourage you to join us in building a better community.  

Overland Park Community Court

The Coalition is proud to be involved with the Overland Park Community Court.  This court takes low level crime offenders and gives them the opportunity to perform community service in the Overland Park neighborhood, the same neighborhood where they committed the crime.  If they complete the tasks specified by the judge, the charges are dismissed.  Offenders who shoplift are required to write an apology letter to the store they stole from and attend a theft accountability class.  Social Services are available and recommend needed services which the judge may include in the sentence.  We have seen many people come through the court and leave a better person. 

Coalition members volunteer as court clerks and client check-in.

Court is held every Tuesday at 3:00 pm at: Holman Building, 821 Main Street, Oregon City

Attendance Court

With the success of Community Court, the DAs office created an Attendance Court.  This court works with several North Clackamas schools to get kids back in school.  The court is in its 7th year and is very successful.  The Coalition is proud to be involved by providing volunteer court clerks.

July 7th - Cruise-in

The 3rd annual Overland Park Cruise-In.  Take a look at last years Cruise-in.

August 6th - National Night Out

The 17th annual National Night Out

August 24th - Johnson Creek Clean-up

The 12th annual  Johnson Creek Clean-up.  This event is hosted by the Johnson Creek Watershed Council.  See jcwc.org for details

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