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On August 29th, over 80 volunteers joined together to clean up nearly 4 miles of Johnson Creek and the Springwater Corridor Trail.  We also cleaned Mill Park and Tideman Johnson Park.

Volunteers signing in and getting their team assignment.

Here the volunteers are getting their t-shirt donated by REI.

Here is a properly outfitted volunteer.  She has the REI t-shirt and water bottle, SOLV sticker denoting that she is a registered volunteer.  She has a SOLV garbage bag and gloves.  Ready to go.

Before getting in the creek the volunteers listen to the Safety Talk.  It worked since we had no serious injuries.

Here is the Mill Park Team cleaning the creek.

Creek cleaning in Tideman Johnson Park.

More creek cleaning near Tideman Johnson.

Team 4 entering the creek Near Mill Park to begin cleaning.

Team 11 arrived at the start of their section of creek near McLoughlin Ave.

Team 11 cleaning up the creek bank.

Team 9 cleaning the creek near the trail and 45th Ave..

Here is the drop box just before we closed the door.  We collected 4640 lbs of garbage from the creek, trail, and parks.  We thank Sunset Garbage for donating the use of this box and the disposal fee.

In our travels we found several shopping carts which we returned to their stores.

This was the second year the Coalition organized the Clean up event.  We couldn't have done it with out the help from many agencies and organizations.

bulletSOLV - This was the first stop in organizing this event.  SOLV has years of experience which helped greatly.  This event was an official SOLV event and was listed on their website.  Their event planning guide and forms saved us a lot of time in planning this event.
bulletJohnson Creek Watershed Council - As stewards of the creek, we followed their direction on the work to be done in the creek. They helped in the planning from the start.  They also supplied two team captains for the event. 
bulletNorth Clackamas County Parks and Recreation District - We used Mill Park as the event site.  We were lucky to have the use of Tonia Burns and Jeff Lesh who have experience organizing events like this.  Jeff also directed work at Mill Park during the event
bulletBeautiful Savior Lutheran Church - Pastor Bill Fisher was a part of the planning committee from the start.  His church and others supplied more than 50 volunteers.  And many thanks for using your church van to transport our volunteers.
bulletPortland Parks and Recreation - This year we included Tideman Johnson Park which is Portland Parks property.  They directed the work in the park and Trail.  They provided two vehicles and drivers who patrolled the Spring Water Trail for trash bags.  They brought trash to the dumpsters and helped transport volunteers.
bulletFriends of Tideman Johnson - A big thanks to the Friends who helped plan and clean up the park.  

Events like this need sponsors to be really successful.  We had some really great sponsors.

bulletFred Meyer - They were our primary sponsor.  They gave us a $500 gift card to buy all the food and drinks for the event.  When the volunteers finished their cleaning they enjoyed a hamburger/hot dog BBQ.  It was a pleasure again working with the Johnson Creek Fred Meyer.
bulletREI - We were very pleased to have REI as a sponsor.  They gave each volunteer a T-shirt, water bottle and REI store coupons.  The shirts were great for identifying our volunteers.  
bulletStarbucks - They supplied 5 gallons of fresh coffee in the morning to get the volunteers started.  The coffee was a big hit and they nearly drank the whole thing.
bulletKrispy Kreme - 16 dozen doughnuts also got the volunteers going.
bulletMorgan Distributing - They supplied the ice to keep everything cool.  Iced bottles of water were very welcome when the volunteers came out of the creek.
bulletSunset Garbage - They donated the use and disposal of one large drop box for the event.