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Governor Kulongoski honored the Coalition by asking Dee to participate in a campaign ad for his re-election.  The Overland Park neighborhood has benefited from the Governor's law placing the main ingredient for the making of Meth behind the pharmacy counter.  So we were pleased to help with his re-election.  Watch the TV ad featuring Dee here.

Chasing crime out of Overland Park

Since we have become active in our neighborhoods, it is so exciting to see more people out walking their dogs with their kids, people out strolling just for a little exercise. People sitting out in their yards, enjoying the weather.

Since the Overland Park Project began, we have seen some amazing things happen in this neighborhood. Drug houses have been shut down , druggies have been arrested, some have had to move, and some have an exclusion from coming back into this neighborhood!

This has been from collaborative pressure from all the agencies and concerned citizens who want the quality of life brought back into our Overland Park neighborhood. We have a long way to go, but we are certainly headed in the right direction.


Dear Friends and Supporters of the Overland Park area,

It has been awesome over this past year watching the Clackamas County Community Prosecutor's Office, Clackamas County Sheriff's Department and the Citizens of Overland Park take a pro-active role by taking back our community from illegal drug dealers. As we become stronger as a concerned community, we will heighten risk factors that continue to help illegal drugs flourish in our community. Many of us have realized that to sustain this effort we must take a broader look at how to reach all parts of community  such as, building partnerships with our local schools to help educate our children against illegal drugs, working with local business to create "Drug Free Workplace Programs", joining our local churches to help build programs for the transient and to provide spiritual direction for our youth. Provide mentoring for those who are fearful of  being harassed by local drug dealers, support those  who are afraid to come to our local neighborhood watch  meetings because drug dealers lurk there. Meet our Senators and Representatives, so that we might create new laws around other ordinances that need to be created in our State and County. Become more assertive in making our community aware of whom the illegal drug people are, and where they reside in our community by posting warrants for  those who have illegal charges against them. Review grassroots grant programs throughout the country as that may become available to small communities like ours to help us restore our community.  Attend the annual Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA), so that we can obtain citizen training for finding new ways to keep our community free from illegal drug dealers, raise community awareness about the  dangers of all illegal drug dealers that might be lurking in our community.

We cannot began to express our thanks enough to Clackamas County Sheriffs Office and the Clackamas County District Attorneys Office for their pro-active role in keeping our community safe! Hats off to you! Your work has helped us realize as citizens, this is OUR COMMUNITY and if we want it back, we are going to have to fight for it in every realm, which means that we begin to expand how we assist our community!

Our plan includes the creation of another organization within our community structure of which we are naming "Overland Park Coalition Against Drug Crime ". Our goal is to continue our support to the Neighborhood Watch Program along with diversifying our efforts to help other areas of our
community such as, mentoring those in fear, building drug education programs in schools, drug free workplaces in local business, focusing on legislative issues, posting warrant posters, joining our diversified churches, and looking for grassroots grants that support community coalitions.

Our mission is to create a safe environment for residents and children to live in. We are simply another partner in this fight against illegal drug crime and will work very hard at supporting all efforts to help take back our community.


Overland Park Coalition Against Drug Crime

4230 SE King RD., PMB-144, Milwaukie, OR 97222

Members of CADCA

In April 2001 "We began taking back our neighborhood" from crime and its followers.

In April of 2003, "Overland Park Safety & Crime Prevention Team" was formed. With the support of concerned citizens, "Overland Park Safety & Crime Prevention Team", a very pro-active movement toward watching our neighborhood for suspicious activities such as, burglary, drug manufacture and trafficking was started. And out of this concern, another group of fellow community members joined together and created "Overland Park Coalition Against Drug Crime".

This website was created to empower our community and all its members, by creating an effective means of open communication about upcoming meetings and on going events for all to get involved.

The Overland Park Safety & Crime Prevention Team consists of your concerned neighbors as well as the following Clackamas Co. Offices:

Code Enforcement
Community Corrections/Parole
District Attorney's Office
Environmental Services Dept.
Sheriff's Department
Victims Assistance